9-10 March 2019 Gurunam Singh & friends - Relax Into Consciousness

3900 SEK

Relax Into Consciousness through Yoga and sound

With Gurunam Singh, Jesper Lundqvist, Emma Öberg and Sat Sisters

Join us for a full weekend of magical music, transformational sound, rejuvenating yoga, mind altering meditations and heart opening mantras. Gurunam Singh, kundalini yogi and master of mantra and naad, the sacred sound technology, will guide and sing us through a series of yoga sets and meditations designed to get us to relax into our own being. Accompanied by the amazing Sat Sisters he will use simple and profound mantras to open our hearts and put our busy minds to rest. Emma Öberg and Jesper Lundqvist, yoga teachers and sound healers with deep knowledge and personal experience with energy work, will contribute with a specially designed Sound Yoga set, where transformational sounds will deepen and widen the melting into oneness.

There will be Kirtan, Gong relaxation, smiles and laughter; two truly special days for lovers of kundalini yoga, chanting, songs, gongs and healthy food. Come vibrate with us!


2 900 SEK (Normal Price 3 900 SEK)


Bed and breakfast can be booked separately (400 SEK/night) by emailing ransher@mangalam.se